Electric Motion. Em Lite 2017

The Electric-Motion Lite £6641 inc vat + pdi

2017 lite

Years of research, design and testing Electric Motion’s lead to the evolution and production of our lightest & economical trial bike in our product range with no loss in performance and eficiency.

Equipped with same frame and dependable performance as our Sport edition the EMLite is a perfect t for leisure & rigorous riding challenges!

The EMLite is perfect for sport and recreational riding featuring comfort, balance and robustness, Trial or Trek along in silence. Near ZERO maintenance = More time to ride!

EMLite is a perfect fit for Trial School (Academies) // O Road Parks and trails // All riding enthusiasts!

EMLite available in homologated version (125cm3) also in Red colour OPTIONAL : Extra Seat (Quick & Easy install).

Turn the battery on, flick the handlebar switch and ride away! Controls are as per a petrol machine with a right hand front brake and right foot rear brake. The clutch lever is used when riding downhill as an engine brake which, when doing so, also adds charge to the battery. The “clutch” can also be used in the traditional way to give an instant punch to hit that rock-step! Battery life varies on riding style but many club trials can be completed on around 50% of the batteries charge.

New features and upgrades for 2017:

  • New design // Aluminium grey frame
  • Extra seat optional
  • ELS or rear brake at the handlebar optional
  • Battery Regeneration Electric Brake
  • Opened sprocket cover
  • New rear LED plate // (optional) Non homologated

100% Powered By the Future In Trials

Some of the benefits of an Em Electric compared to a petrol motorbike:

• At the flick of a switch the power is that of a conventional 125, 250 or 300 moto trials bike,
• In muddy conditions, at the flick of a handlebar switch the power can be reduced,
• Zero Pollution,
• No fire risk if riding off road in high fire season,
• No kick starting, just turn on the power and go,
• No gear changing to worry about,
• No need to use a clutch,
• No engine noise,
• Virtually no maintenance,
• Back yard friendly,
• When going downhill the recharge button allows the battery to be replenished.


Specifications of the Em 5.7


  • Frame:
    Perimetric 25CD4S Steels
  • Front Suspension
    Ollé Hydraulic telescopic Fork Ø40
  • Front Travel
  • Rear Suspension
    Ollé R16V
  • Rear Travel
  • Front Brake
    Hydraulic Disk 182mm 4pistons
  • Rear Brake
    Hydraulic Disk 150mm 2pistons
  • Rims
    Morad Trial 1,6’’x21’’ & 2,15’’x18’’ Black


  • Wheel Base
  • Length
  • Width
  • Seat Height
  • Ground Clearance
  • Footrests Height
  • Weight


  • Engine
    Brushless DC
  • Power
    5kW nominal / 12kW peak : 16CV
  • Torque
    16Nm nominal / 24Nm peak
  • Cooling
  • Primary Transmission
    By belt
  • Final Transmission
    By chain
  • Maximum Speed*
    50 km/h
  • Time Range*
    50 to 150 minutes
  • Battery
    LiPo 51.8V/25Ah/1.2kWh
  • Charging Time
    150 minutes

*Range and top speed vary based on riding style and drivetrain configuration.
Charging Time (10amp Charger): 40mins for 80%, 110mins for a full charge
Number of Guaranteed Cycles: 1000 cycles.