The 2 Machs Motorcycles, Cheshire Oset Cup, Wows the Manchester Bike Show



The Cheshire Oset Cup, supported by 2 Machs Motorcycles, treated the crowds at the 2015 Manchester Bike Show to a display over the last weekend of March. Seven of the regular riders in the series, of a large range of ages and abilities, rode over various man-made obstacles for three shows per-day. The more experienced runners were, impressively, getting up and over a large “A” frame, along the table-top and jumping off pallets alongside doing some skids and the odd burn-out! Riding alongside the newly established Stunt-Monkey trials display gave the kids a few ideas too! 

All in all a good weekend the kids were amazing in their first event in front of a crowd. With the virtually silent running bikes the riders were allowed on as much as they wanted so got loads of time on their bikes and some good experience was gained. We all now look forward to some good weather at round 2 of the series on April 19th at Frodsham Caves.

Please click the link below to see a short video from the weekend.